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Earthquake or squeaky fart? We'll see.

John's blogPosted by SfA Wed, May 13, 2015 13:11:25

On may 8th Scotland woke up to a very different political landscape. Different that is in the dominant party.

This has been touted as a defining moment, a sea-change, a revolution even. My friends say I'm a cynic but I'm not convinced.

I'll stick to the Scottish situation as that's where my experience lies and I don't want to patronise my English, Welsh or Cornish comrades who will no doubt know the lay of the land there better than me. We've seen politicians come and go with promises to change the world. This is often very quickly forgotten once they realise that to keep their careers, lavish expenses and salaries far beyond the reaches of most Scottish Citizens (no, we'll never be subjects even though it says it on our passports) they need to keep their heads down and toe the line.

With regards to the parties and animals rights/ welfare you couldn't get a fag paper between them policy wise. All display varying degrees of "we'd love to help but we can't as it would cost jobs/ upset religious groups/ cause your granny to die of cancer/ spark the breakdown of society (delete as applicable).".

Another factor that's neglected is the power of the Civil Service. These unelected individuals effectively frame government policy and it doesn't matter who you vote in, they'll still be advised by the same Civil Servants.

So what happens when Civil Servants go rogue? You get this: and this: and who knows what else we'll never find out.

There are Civil Servants, MSPs, MP's, Councillors and elected Community Representatives across Scotland with integrity and honour. Because of the current situation where officials prefer to deal with crooked, 'animal welfare' organisations who have been counting their substantial salaries over the corpses of dead, brutalised animals for years many politicians genuinely don't know that they're being conned.

What we need is real political change. From top to bottom it's broken and needs stripped and rebuilt. If you voted last Thursday join that party and change it from the inside. If you didn't get active and start contacting your representatives, takes 5 minutes here:

To the newly elected MPs and sitting political reps of all stripes? Let's work together and build a new Scotland for humans and non-humans.

Scotland for Animals aren't the neds/ thugs/ degenerates/ malcontents (again, delete as applicable) that a small but very powerful alliance of industry, bent animal groups and the officially corrupt would lead you to believe.

We're wee furby's really. Call us.

General Election 2015

NewsPosted by SfA Wed, April 29, 2015 20:49:17




Please do remember that this is party policies, but some individual candidates have their own animal welfare commitments so please do ask the candidates in your own region what they would do if elected. On balance SfA recommends supporters to vote for individual candidates on merit of their commitment to overhauling legislation to protect animals.

Please note nothing below is an endorsement, support nor recommendation to vote for any parties mentioned. Information is purely presented on the strength of animal welfare policy.

UKIP has by far the lengthiest and most detailed plans. They also focus on 2 subjects SFA is working on - CCTV in abattoirs and unstunned slaughter. If they would follow this up if elected though is anybody's guess.

The worst is Scottish Labour - they give no mention to animals.

Shockingly The Scottish Greens have the second worse manifesto for animals.

SNP policy is very vague. It claims as evidence of it's commitment to animal welfare how it has worked hard to “consider” better protection for animals at for example time of slaughter. No mention is given to what they actually stand for or will bring into law however.

Scottish Conservatives – The party specifically mentions that it will support slaughter without stunning and bloodsports.


We will support our fishing and coastal communities

We will defend our hard-won Common Fisheries Policy reforms, which include ending the scandalous practice of discarding perfectly edible fish and reforming the quota system so that all at-risk species will be fished sustainably by the end of the next Parliament. We will continue to devolve the management of North Sea fisheries to local communities, and rebalance the UK’s inland water quotas to smaller, specific locally-based fishing communities.

We will support countryside pursuits

We will protect countryside pursuits including fishing, for all the benefits to individuals, the environment and the rural economy that these activities bring. We will oppose the SNP's proposals to bring back rural sporting rates which could threaten hundreds of rural jobs.

We will protect animal welfare

The quality of the food on your plate, and the economic security of our farmers, depend on us upholding the highest standards of animal welfare. We will push for high animal welfare standards to be incorporated into international trade agreements and into reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. We will ban wild animals in circuses and press for all EU member states to ensure that animals are only sent to slaughterhouses that meet high welfare standards. We will encourage other countries to follow the EU’s lead in banning animal testing for cosmetics and work to accelerate the global development and take-up of alternatives to animal testing where appropriate. We want people to integrate fully into British society, but that does not mean they should have to give up the things they hold dear in their religion. So while we will always make sure the Food Standards Agency properly regulates the slaughter of livestock and poultry, we will protect methods of religious slaughter, such as shechita and halal.

We will tackle international wildlife trade

As hosts of the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, we helped secure the adoption of the London Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade and will continue to lead the world in stopping the poaching that kills thousands of rhinos, elephants and tigers each year. We will oppose any resumption of commercial whaling, and seek further measures at the EU and internationally to end shark-finning. We will promote effective worldwide measures for tuna conservation, press for a total ban on ivory sales, and support the Indian Government in its efforts to protect the Asian elephant. We will press for full ‘endangered species’ status for polar bears and a ban on the international trade in polar bear skins, as well as for greater attention to be paid to the impact of climate change on wildlife and habitats in Polar Regions in the Arctic Council and other international fora.


We will ensure our most important wildlife sites are given proper protection from development, encourage restoration of habitats that help us manage land and water sustainably

We will direct European funding for agriculture and fishing to support sustainable land management and long-term fish stock recovery.


There is no mention of animals.


Liberal Democrats believe in the highest standards of animal welfare. We will review the rules surrounding the sale of pets to ensure they support responsible breeding and sales and minimise the use of animals in scientific experimentation, including by funding research into alternatives. We remain committed to the three Rs of humane animal research: Replace, Reduce, Refine.

Fully implement reforms of the Common Fisheries Policy, working with industry and others to develop a national plan for sustainable UK fisheries …


Work to ensure the discard ban is workable for our fishing fleet

While responsibility for animal welfare is devolved to the Scottish Parliament –and the SNP in government is already working to improve the conditions of kept animals, including consultations on responsible dog ownership and wild animals in travelling circuses, and giving consideration to further protection at slaughter, the registration or licensing of horse establishments and a review of tail docking in working dogs - at Westminster we will support further animal welfare measures with a global focus. This includes action to end the illegal ivory trade and protect species such as polar bears and bluefin tuna.

We are engaging with the industry on our review of fish quota management. We want to ensure quotas are managed in the common interest, so that active fishermen have access to the quota that they need, rather than seeing them concentrated in the hands of those with the deepest pockets. We will continue to work to ensure the discard ban is implemented in a way that does not damage the viability of the fleet and is workable for our fishermen. Sensible implementation will deliver benefits for the fleet and consumers as we end the practice of dumping perfectly good fish back into the sea.


Food Labelling

Food labelling will come back under the control of the Westminster Parliament when we leave the EU. Then we can insist animal products are labelled to show the country of origin, method of production and transport and whether the animal was stunned before slaughter, together with any information concerning hormones and GM products. We believe strongly that customers have the right to see this information.

Animal Health and Welfare

We can only regain control of animal health and welfare by leaving the EU. UKIP takes both issues seriously and we will:

• Triple the maximum jail sentences for animal cruelty and torture

• Impose lifetime bans on owning and/or looking after animals on any individual or company convicted of animal cruelty or torture

• Keep the ban on animal testing for cosmetics

• Challenge companies using animals for testing drugs or other medical treatments on the necessity for this form of testing, as opposed to the use of alternative technology

• Tightly regulate animal testing

• Ban the export of live animals for slaughter

• Insist on formal non-stun training and certification for all religious slaughtermen to ensure the highest standards are adhered to

• Install CCTV in every abattoir, monitored by the Meat Hygiene Service, and deal severely with any contraventions.

• Remove unnecessary EU restrictions that make small, local abattoirs unviable

We will also prepare for the possibility of disease outbreaks (including those) caused by imports. We cannot expect our farmers to bear the full brunt of any such outbreaks, but we will encourage them to introduce testing programmes and invest in insurance schemes to deal with potential outbreaks, as the poultry sector has done with the salmonella testing programme and associated insurance scheme.


Britain’s seas should be the jewel in her crown, but we surrendered these priceless family treasures when we joined the then EEC 1973 and our territorial waters were merged into one giant European fishery. The UK has almost 70 per cent of Europe’s fishing grounds but only 13 per cent percent of its fishing quota. So, we must import fish species such as cod, haddock and huss that our own fishermen are forced to throw overboard – usually dead - because of EU rules. The EU itself estimates 40 per cent of all fish caught are discarded, so as much as two million tons of perfectly edible fish are wasted every year. The EU’s proposed discard ban will not fix this problem, just move it onshore.

Worse, while preaching ‘conservation,’ the EU allows industrial fishing techniques such as electric pulse trawling, which destroys marine life and disturbs the ecological balance of our seascapes. We can only replenish Britain’s bounty of fish and restore our fishing industry if we leave the EU and withdraw from the CFP. Then we can:

• Establish a 12-mile zone around our coastline for UK fishermen and a 200-mile exclusive economic zone under UK control, as is our right under international law

• Reverse the rapid decline in our fishing industry and return £2.5 billion a year in fish sales to the UK


• Enforce ‘no-take’ zones to aid spawning and replenish fish stocks

• Protect our coastal eco system by ending destructive industrial fishing practices

• End the slaughter of dolphins by banning pair trawler fishing for bass

• Work with our fishermen to solve discard and landing issues

• Reverse any EU-wide drift-net ban in British waters

• Issue permits for foreign trawlers once fish stocks have returned to sustainable levels.

Fishing Boats Under 10 Metres

Smaller fishing boats make up the majority of the UK fleet but only receive only 4 per cent of the English quota, while the five largest foreign-controlled vessels take 32 per cent. It is grossly unfair and damages fish stock sustainability. Small-scale inshore fishing is the backbone of the UK fishing industry and we will end this injustice.

Sea Angling

Over 750,000 people enjoy sea angling in the UK. It is a profitable hobby for Britain: VAT income from sea angling is worth more than the value of all commercial landings and some 23,000 jobs depend on sea angling, yet the EU is planning to restrict anglers to catching just three sea bass a day. We suspect this will eventually lead to EU controls on all angling and we will vociferously oppose this threat.

CCTV in Abattoirs - why this is needed - film

CampaignsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 21:01:15

This is an official Scotland for Animals film showing why we need CCTV in abattoirs.

Film Made for SfA

NewsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 20:56:39

We are very proud to have had this short 2 minute film specially made for us by film maker Simone Smith at Looking At You Me.

Toiletries & Cleaners Not Tested on Animals

NewsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 20:47:33
Abercrombie & Fitch Adidas Abercrombie & Fitch Adidas Aldi
Aldi Asda Agua Brava Armani Astonish
Almay; Argos Aussie Arran Aromatics Balenciaga Co-operative
Arran Aromatics Boots Benefit Beyonce Ecover
Art Deco (Dita Von Teese) Boss Body Shop Boss Jeyes
Aveda Carex Caroline Herrera Calvin Klein Marks & Spencer
Bare Mineals Chanel Clinique Celine dion Morrisons
Barry M Charles Worthington Commes de Garcons Cerruti Netto
Benefit Christian Dior Crabtree & Evelyn Chanel Nisa
Bio-oil Christy Dolma perfume Chloe Suma
Bobbi Brown Clairol Donna Karan Chopard Superdrug
Body Shop Clarins Estee Lauder Christian Dior Tesco
Bourjois Clean and Clear Jo Malone Christina Aguilera Waitrose
Clinique Clearasil La Senza Clarins Whole Foods
Co-operative Collection 2000 L'Occitane David Beckham
Crabtree & Evelyn Colour B4 Lush Davidoff
Daniel Field Freederm Mac Diesel
Dermalogica Givenchy Marks & Spencer Dior
Dr Hauschka Hello Kitty Mary Quant Dita Von Teese
Estee Lauder Lancome Massimo Duti Dolce and Gabbana
Fudge Laura Mercier Molton Brown Esprit
Illamasqua L'Oreal Next Givenchy
Indeed Labs eg Nanoblur Max Factor Nina Ricci Gucci
King of Shaves Maybelline paco Rabanne Guess
Kingfisher toothpaste Neutrogena Prada Halle Berry
La Senza Nice & Easy Quorum (Puig) Heidi Klum
Lip Ink Nivea Sean John Hugo
Liz Earle No 17 Ted Baker Jean Paul Gaultier
L'Occitane No 7 Tom Ford Jennifer Lopez
Lush Olay Tommy Hilfiger Joop!
Mac Oral B Valentino Kate Moss
Manic Panic Palmers Cocoa Butter Victorias Secret Kylie Minogue
Marks & Spencer Perfect 10 YSL Lacoste
Mary Quant Philosophy Lady Gaga
Molton Brown Revlon Lancome
Montagne Jeunesse Rimmel Madonna
Morrisons own brand Sally Hansen Marc Jacobs
Natox Sassoon Miss Sporty
Next Scwarzkopf Nautica
Nisa Silvikrin Nicole by OPI
Nu Skin International Soap and Glory NYC New York Colour
Original source St Ives Old Spice
Origins St Tropez Pierre Cardin
Orly nails Stargazer Playboy
Paul Mitchell Toni and Guy Ralph Lauren
Prada Tresemme Roberto Cavalli
Prescriptives Trevor Sorbie Sarah Jessica Parker
Sainsbury's own brand Umberto Giannini Stella McCartney
Sanctuary Spa Vaseline Vera Wang
Scotmid Venus Viktor & Rolf
Scottish Fine Soaps Visibly clear Vivienne Westwood
Smashbox Cosmetics VO5 Yves Rocher
Stila Wash & Go Katie price
Superdrug (own brand, 2True, GOSH, Beauty UK, Miss Sporty, Sleek) Wella Yardley
Ted Baker Yves Rocher
Tesco own brand
Toms of Maine
Too Faced
Urban Decay (vegan) Email
Victorias Secret
Waitrose own brand
Whole Foods

Veggie eating Glasgow

NewsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 20:44:22

PLEASE SHARE to all your animal loving friends:

Scotland for Animals gives a big welcome to all the vegans and vegetarians visiting our vibrant city of Glasgow

You will find that it’s very easy to eat. We have put together a list of vegan-friendly places in the vicinity of where most tourists will be congregating. If you have any place you would like to add just let us know.

This is not a definitive list. But it’s just some of our favourites. In any restaurant you will easily find at least one vegetarian option, and 95% have a vegan option. Many restaurants are very keen to please and will alter a dish to make it vegan.

There are still some restaurants where they don’t quite understand the word ‘vegan’ so reinforce that you mean no dairy or eggs or meat or fish. Asian restaurants can sometimes be the worst culprits for this.

Many cafes sell soya milk for tea and coffee. If you want vegan hot chocolate - also check that the chocolate powder is vegan.

Chip shops - that famous Glasgow staple. Also known as a “Glasgow salad” - ha. Most cook in vegetable oil but they sometimes cook the meat items in the same fat. If this is something that bothers you then check first. That’s pretty much all you will get in a chip shop that is vegan. Except fritters (potatoes in batter - extra unhealthy and tasty). If you want a chip buttie (chips in a roll) then ask for “a dry roll” ie without butter.


Red Onion - the chef John is lovely, and used to be vegan Bryan Adam’s tour chef, and has worked for other big names such as Tina Turner. He has a different vegan menu every day.

257 West Campbell St, G2 4TT

Stereo - music venue, vegan café and bar. Up a cobbled lane and through a discreet door.

22-28 Renfield Lane, G2 5AR

The Old Hairdressers - directly opposite Stereo. Bar and club venue. Vegan.

Renfield Lane, G2 5AR

Flying Duck - vegan nightclub by night, café bar by day

142 Renfield St, G2 3AU

Saramago - hipster vegan restaurant and bar within the Centre for Contemporary Arts. Beautiful architecture - a blend of old and new

350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD

Iguanas - Latin restaurant. A big vegan and vegetarian section

16 West Nile Street, G1 2PW


Usha’s Indian Vegetarian - Vegan and vegetarian restaurant

2 Byres Road, G11 5JY

Artisan Roast - always have a vegan cake option.

15 Gibson Street, G12 8NU

Tchai Ovna - tea house, vegetarian and vegan food. Very hippy. Lovely tea garden.

42 Otago Lane, Glasgow G12 8PB

The Cup and Saucer - always have vegan cake. 1940s style tea room. The owner lives and dressed vintage all the time.

De’Courcy’s Arcade, Cresswell Lane, Off Byres Road, G12

The 78 - vegan bar and café and music venue. Vintage groovy.

10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, just off Argyle Street.

Hillhead Book Club - veggie friendly. Small number of vegan options

17 Vinicombe Street, off Byres Road, G12

Banana Leaf - Indian takeaway. They do deliveries. I went here a few years ago and didn’t like it, but others have raved about it. Judge for yourself.

76 Old Dumbarton Road, G3 8RE.

Peckhams - shop with some seating. Vegan foods on offer.

124 Byres Road, G12 8TB


13th Note - vegan and vegetarian bar and restaurant and music venue. Rock chic.

King Street

Mono - trendy music venue, bar and restaurant, with record shop.

12 Kings Court, G1 5B


Cherry and Heather - Small café and takeaway. Vegan soups, sushi and sandwiches.

7 North Gower Street, Ibrox, G51 1PW

Emirates Arena - if you’re visiting there for a sporting event you’ll find it’s won an award for healthy eating and has some vegan options.

East end


Pret a Manger - takeaway with some seating. Vegan sandwiches and other foods.


Fast Foods

NewsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 20:41:45


Here is a list of vegetarian and vegan food you can buy at fast food places.

Have left out some obvious stuff like many drinks, vegetables, etc.

Anything on the vegan list can be eaten by vegetarians.

If you have an allergy or would feel appalled if you ever mistakenly ate any dairy or meat, then we do strongly advise that you still double check with the server when you order. Menus and ingredients constantly change, and our own efforts to produce this list are not infallible.

Another thing to beware of if you're very keen to avoid animal fats - is that some foods don't have animal ingredients but they are cooked in the same fat as animal products. But they get away with saying that they are vegetarian. Ask at the point of purchase.

If you would like to make any comments or amendments to this list please email



They say "Unfortunately our Vegetarian food is not suitable for Vegans."


Fries - all sizes

Kids bean burger - states it's veggie but with no milk and eggs. Yet the adult does have milk and egg

BK Fresh Apple Fries

Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Ketchup sachet, Sweet Chilli sauce dip pot, BBQ sauce dip pot, French dressing sachet,

Mini pancakes with maple syrup

BK Veggie Bean Burger - and Kids version.

BK Fresh Apple Fries

Honey & mustard dressing sachet

All desserts

All drinks except Fanta



Ciabatta bread

BBQ sauce

Garlic and parsley spread

Sundried tomato and garlic sauce

Tomato sauce

Tortilla chips

Potato wedges

Bbq dip, Sweet chilli dip, Hot sauce

Chocolate dip


Pizza bases

Liquid cheese

Tikka Masala Sauce

Chilli cheese

Mozarella cheese and mozzarella cheese delight

Garlic pizza bread


Garlic and herb dip

Honey and mustard dip

All desserts

Vegi supreme sub





Cheese and onion pasties. They say "All our savouries are baked off fresh each day in the shops using the same ovens, display cabinets and equipment so although they are made from vegetarian ingredients we do not claim that they meet all the requirements necessary to conform to the vegetarian society standards."

They haven’t said if their sweet goods are vegetarian and I can't establish that with them.



Low Fat Vinaigrette Dressing - vegan

BBQ Beans vegan


(fries are not vegetarian)

Caesar Dressing - milk eggs

Fries - may contain milk or eggs

Coleslaw - eggs

Corn Cobette - milk

Gravy - milk and egg

Desserts - they couldn't tell me exactly what was in them, but their list of ingredients were vague. So I don't know if they are vegetarian. Certainly not vegan.

Avalanche - milk

Yoghurts - milk


They have a list of what contains milk and eggs but it doesn't confirm if it has animal fats. Despite repeated queries for a list of what is vegetarian and vegan they haven't done so. I can't therefore recommend anything from their menu.



pizza base, oil and sauce

Noci, olives marinate, rustica tomatoes, side salad,

Caffe Reale - ask for it without the mascarpone

Baked dough balls - ask to replace butter with garlic or chilli oil


They say "All our menu items that are suitable for vegetarians are marked on the menu with a 'V' symbol".

semplice, tricolour, garlic bread, garlic bread with mozzarella, baked dough balls, bruschetta, bruschetta con funghi, mozzarella and tomato salad, mixed salad,

Crostini al Pomodoro - Can be suitable for vegetarians if served without grana adano.

Canelloni and Melanzane Parmigiana - can be made vegetarian Can be suitable for

vegetarians if served without grana padano.

Campo di Fiori Romana, Margherita Leggera, verdure, margherita, zucchini e funghi, veneziana, padana, funghi di bosco, Giardiniera,

Desserts - all are vegetarian EXCEPT cannolo, Caffe Merenghina

Kids - everything vegetarian except Kids Bolognese and Kids Carbonara



Starters and sides: mixed olives, potato wedges, sweet chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, side salad, garden salad with vinaigrette

Arrabiatta pasta,

Pan pizza base, Italian Pizza base, Tuscani pizza base, Plus pizza sauce, Pizza Mia (delivery only).

Pizza toppings: BBQ sauce

Salad station: beetroot and carrot with balsamic vinaigrette. Cous cous. Perl Perl Cous Cous. Vegetables. Large salad croutons. Tortilla chips. Dried fruit mix. Breadsticks. (Not sunflower seeds - don't ask me why).

Dressings and dips: low fat vinaigrette. Mexican salsa. Houmous. Garlic and chilli dipping oil. Lemon infused oil. Extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar/with Italian herbs.

Desserts: Chilly Billy Lolly.


Their cheese is vegetarian.



They say "Soya milk is now available in all of our shops. If it's not in your local Pret, have a word with the manager."

Edamame bowl

Five bean cassoulet soup

Miso soup

British berries fruit bowl

Kid's fruit pot

Mango and lime

Fruit salad

Superfruit bowl

Tropical fruit sticks

Dried mango

Maldon sea salt crisps

Parsnip, beetroot and carrot crisps

Rock salt topcorn

Sea salt and organic cider vinegar crisps

Sweet and salt topcorn

Sweet potato and chipotle chilli crisps

Cold drinks. But we're highlighting - strawberry smoothie and vitamin volcano


Sandwiches: all their egg . Aim to opt for the Free Range Egg Mayo rather than other eggs sandwiches

All cheese are vegetarian;

falafel and houmous

avocado and herb salad wrap

free range egg mayo and roasted tomato breakfast baguette

Italian pizza hot wrap

Spicy falafel melt

Mushroom risotto soup

No bread tricolore

Pea and mint soup

Pesto pasta salad

Classic tomato soup

Super duper humous salad

Thai corn on the hob soup

Vegetable sushi

Mozzarella and tomato croissant

Sweet bakery items, cakes, slices

All Prêt pots and desserts

All crisps and drinks



Perfect porridge soya milk and dried fruit

Fruit generally

Fruit salad

Falafel panini

Houmous with vegetable sticks

Roasted almonds

Nut mix

Fair trade chocolate bar - dark


After coffee mints (in small tin)

Crisps - sea salt; sea salt and cider vinegar


All their bakery items are marked with a V if vegetarian. Most stuff is.

Cheese and egg items appear to be vegetarian.



Italian White bread

Wheat bread

Hearty Italian bread


Marinara Sauce, Teriyaki glaze, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, hot chilli,


They say their cheese is vegetarian

Veggie Patty

Egg omelette is free range

Chipotle South West Sauce

Honey mustard

Sweet onion sauce

Lite mayonnaise

Ranch dressing

Caesar, 1000 island,

All sweet baked goods



Miso soup

Vegetable firecracker rise

Vegetable yakisoba

Vegetable tempura

Maki/futomaki - cucumber, oshinko, red pepper

Edamame, green beans, aubergine,

Tofu, wakame & cucumber

Crunchy tofu


Pumpkin korroke

Vegetable iso

Nigiri - tamago

Nigiri - roasted red pepper

Hand roll - vegetable

Maki/futomaki - asparagus - says it has egg

Maki/futomaki - avocado - says it has egg

Vegetable futomaki

Dog-Friendly Nursing Homes in Glasgow

NewsPosted by SfA Sun, April 26, 2015 20:40:38


This list was created in 2010

Ailsa Craig Nursing Home

101 Brand St, Cessnock G51 1DJ

Baillieston Care Home

3 Station Rd, Baillieston G69 7XZ

Cardonald Care Home

663 Mosspark Dr, G52 3AR

Darnley Court Nursing Centre

787 Nitshill Rd, G53 7RR


40 Deanfield Quadrant, Penilee G52 4ES

Eastbank Care Home

98 Gartocher Rd, Shettleston G32 0HA

Four Hills Care Home

8 Hazlitt St, Ruchill G20 9NU

Golfhill Nursing Home

35 Hanson St, Dennistoun G31 2HG


17 Corbett St, Tollcross G32 8LF

Quayside Nursing Home

70 Stobhill Rd, G21 3TX

Whitecraigs Care Home

24 Stewarton Rd, Thornliebank G46 7UZ

Almond Court

15 Drumchapel Pl, G15 6DN

Arcadia Gardens

Kerr Drive, G40 2QS


33 Liddesdale Sq, G22 7BU

Batson Street Project

74 Batson St, G42 7HG

1 Belses Gardens

Cardonald G52 2DY

Burlington Court Care Centre

3 Stepps Rd, G33 3NQ

Carbeth House

15 Sunnylaw Pl, G22 6DX

Carntyne Gardens Care House

369/375 Carntyne Hall Rd, G32 6AD

David Cargill House

6/7 Great Western Ter, G12 0UP

Drumchapel Supported Accommodation

Flat 0/1, 55 Drummore Rd, Drumchapel G15 6DX

Easter Project Supported Accommodation

Flat 0/2, 18 Easterhill Pl, Tollcross G32 8PB

Florence House

70 Nimmo Drive G51 3SG

Forrest House

311 Albert Drive, Pollokshields G47 5RP

Greenfield Park Nursing Home

291 Myreside St, Carntyre G32 6BX

Greyfriars Care Centre

2 Hamilton Rd, Mount Vernon, G32 9QG

Hayfield Support Services with Deaf People

268 Ballater St, G5 0YT

Heather Bank Nursing Home

Northgate Quadrant, Balornock G21 3RB

Hogganfield Loch Nursing Home

1791 Royston Rd, Millerston G33 1AS

Kinning Park Nursing Home

30/34 Mair St, Kinning Park G51 1HA

Lambhill Court

40 Lambhill St, Kinning Park G41 1AU

Ledmore Supported Accommodation

5 Ledmore Dr, Drumchapel G15 7DW

Lochar Lodge

20 Lochar Cresc, Pollok G52 5NY

Maryhill Supported Accommodation

Flat 1a/1b, 151 Wyndford Rd, Maryhill G20 8DZ

Mitre House

15/21 Househillmuir Cresc G53 6HW

Mohsen Nursing Home

3 Netherplace Rd, Pollok G53 5AG

Munro Court

15 Castlebank Villas, Anniesland G13 2XA

Nithsdale Lodge Nursing Home

620 Shields Rd, Pollokshields G41 2RD

Oxton House

14/18 Marywood Sq G41 2BJ

Parkhouse Manor Nursing Home

557-585 Parkhouse Rd, Nitshill, Barrhead G78 1TE

St Francis Geriatric Unit

54 Merryland St G51 2QE

Sherbrooke Lodge

41/43 Newark Dr, Pollockshields G41 4QA

South West Supported Accommodation

215 Shawbridge St, Flat 49, Pollockshaws G41 1QP

Thornwood Hall

155 Camphill Ave G41 3DR

West End Project

Flat 15D, 5 Broomhill Lane, Broomhill G11 7NN

Whiteinch Project

13 Victoria Park Drive South, G14 9RN

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